Mind over Matter

Have you ever noticed how different your moods can vary from one week to the other, with only slight changes in your daily routine? It happens to me, too. There are some days I wake up thinking, "man, today is going to be a tough one". But how can I possibly know that when I've just woken up? How could I possibly correctly predict how my day is actually going to end up? The truth is, I can't predict it, but I can influence it.

Instead of falling into that easy trap of negativity, I use positive thinking and affirmations throughout the day to boost my mood. If you can improve your physical health through repetition and practice, why shouldn't we be able to improve our moods? Using repetition of a relaxing phrase is called autogenic training, and it can actually calm your body's parasympathic nervous system. Like training your muscles to become stronger, you can train your mind to improve your mental health. 

Lately, my favorite positive thought has been "just for today" There is a calming reassurance knowing that however challenging an experience can be, it has a finite time limit. This helps to diminish it's power over my mood. I remind myself, "If I can power through these 24 hours, it will be over." Isn't that a relief? We are incredibly resilient and we have the power to take control over the most difficult challenge or day.  Instead of making that choice to let a bad day win, lets make the choice to overpower it with positive thinking. 

Here is a list of my favorite affirmations:

  • "I accept myself and know that I am capable of great things."
  • "All is well right now"
  • "I am grateful for this moment"
  • "Breathe in relaxation, breathe out the stress and worries of my day"
  • "Even when I am surrounded by chaos, I choose peace."
  • "I am in charge of how I feel and right now I choose to be happy."

Try one out for a bit and see the difference it can make in your day.